Shakes for Athletes

Meal Replacement Shakes For Athletes

An athlete’s body is far more demanding compared to the ordinary men and women. It requires much more nutrients, and each nutrient has to come from the finest source of the best quality. This is important to ensure the optimal performance of athletes, as well as help the body to recover from the strenuous training and exercises. These are among the top five most popular meal replacement shakes for athletes – in no particular order.

Champion Nutrition Metabolol II

The Metabolol II is a highly efficient meal replacement shake which is suitable for serious athletes. It is also an up and coming favorite choice of meal replacement shakes for athletes. The Metabolol II is complete with all the important nutrients needed for optimal performance and recovery of the elite athlete. There are complex carbohydrates, medium chained triglyceride, branched chain amino acid, succinates, lipoic acids, and other helpful vitamins and minerals. Not only it is perfect for recovery, it also promotes healthy metabolism.

Nutrabolics Fighter’s Food

This is one of the most sought after meal replacement shakes among athletes in combat sports. It is perfect for demanding sports which requires great nutrition for optimal performance. It has high quality protein blends, and other growth factors inside to speed up recovery. It also has high tech fiber blends and extracts from fruits and berries to provide quality nutrition for athletes.

Muscle-Link Muscle Meals

An athlete’s routine is quite demanding, and an athlete’s body needs high amount of quality nutrients to help preserve, repair and recovery of the muscles and cells in the body. Muscle meals is one of the better meal replacement shakes for athletes. It is dense with various protein like casein, egg and whey to help prevent the process of catabolism and promotes anabolism.

Optimum 100% Oats and Whey

A trusted and reliable brand, Optimum 100% oats and whey is a one of the best meal replacement shakes for athletes. It has fundamental elements which are crucial for the athlete’s body. It is low of sugar, and contains high quality, low glycemic index complex carbohydrates coming mainly from grains and oats to give an athlete long lasting energy and fullness. The whey protein used allows fast absorption, especially suitable for breakfast and after training, or when an athlete’s on the go.